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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hey I'm Mike

Hey guys I'm Mike from Vigil Gaming and I'd like to just say Hello to any of you reading this.

In this post I'd like to talk about some of the things you all can expect from Vigil Gaming in the coming weeks.

So for starters I'll talk about what I have planned. At the moment I have 2 Modern Warfare 2 request videos that are ready to be uploaded and will be soon, hopefully. I plan to continue doing these requests so long as I don't kill myself from the stupid matches I'm in. These requests, at the moment, are my main focus in MW2 so I won't be doing my custom classes for a bit. When the Ressurgence Pack comes out for PC I intend to get it and post gameplays of the new maps with either requested or custom classes.

For Left 4 Dead 2 a brand new Mutation comes out this Friday, Versus Survival. We expect to have a video for you guys, from both Infected & Survivor points of view upload about 2-4 hours after the Mutation goes public. We're also trying to get some gameplay of regular Survival mode along with more Realism Versus and Scavenge while taking our time on the campaign walkthroughs.

A lot of you have been asking us to do more Counter-Strike Source videos and we're trying. We know that a lot of you subbed to us off that CSS update video and we really do appreciate it but please understand we are a multi-game channel. However, we will try to post those a bit more frequently. We've had requests to do Hide & Seek as well as Deathrun so we will be looking in to showcasing those.

I also am trying hard to finish up the Half-Life and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 walkthroughs so I can move on to other games, namely Half-Life 2, Team Fortress 2, COD4 and all that other good stuff.

Dyzix will be uploading a BioShock 2 walkthrough as he harvests the sisters. Since the game doesn't have many "levels" he will be staggering the videos as to not overwhelm you guys with a crap ton of videos in your subscription box. He is also going to be uploading some World At War videos, namely Nazi Zombie footage with Black.

Sw1tch is going to continue uploading gameplays for MW2. He's trying to get some Bad Company 2 online footage for you guys but it's hard to find a game where it's a lot of action so we hope to get some of that up soon. He is also working on a montage for you guys for a game we will not tell you yet. More information to come so stay posted.

Finally, peer pressure is slowly working itself on I R Black and we HOPE to see him start posting some videos in the not-so-distant future. His first upload may or may not be of Red Alert. But everyone spam him with peer pressure! DO IT!

The last thing I want to quickly mention is that StarCraft2 comes out at the end of July. I know Dyzix and Black will for sure be getting it. Dyzix actually has it on pre-order so he will probably be the first one of us to play the full game. I think my brother actually pre-ordered it as well so we'll see. I'm not that in to StarCraft but I'll give it a try after my 2 week addiction when I first played the original StarCraft. Our goal is to post some good gameplays of the beta that will be live 2 weeks prior to the official launch date. We also hope to be the first channel on YouTube to upload and finish the single-player campaign.

Anyway, if you read that whole thing you are a God amongst men. Thanks very much and see you later!

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