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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mike + XBox 360 = ?

Hey everyone it's Mike!

My birthday is on Thursday and I haven't asked for anything from my family. However, recently I've been wanting to buy an XBox 360 since I don't do much on m computer anyway and all my friends are consoletards. Now the cool thing about me wanting an XBox is that it's currently on sale at Best Buy until my birthday for $300 (250GB console + Medal of Honor + Splinter Cell Conviction) and that is one hell of a deal. The money I'd be saving would slightly contribute to the purchasing of another controller and Black Ops.

So tomorrow I'll go to the bank and see how much money I have (just to see how much accessories I can buy with it) and ask my mom to let me buy it. I'm really hoping me using the "it's my birthday present for myself" trick will work since my mom hates me buying games so she'll definitely hate this, especially with exams only a month away.

But I'll keep everyone posted. If I don't get an XBox this week I'll for sure be getting one in the summer. As for the PVR, I'll take my time on that, but it's definitely something I want to get so I can provide more gameplays for you all, including more walkthroughs.

Speaking of walkthroughs, I might be starting the Half-Life 2 walkthroughs when I get my hard drive fixed. Maybe though. As for my hard drive, my brother needs to take a look at it and try to figure out why it's not working with my computer. I've asked the manufacturer via forum and they said to try updating my motherboard drives and reloading the USB root hub and that hasn't seemed to help so I'm hoping all that can be resolved.

In other video news, I went on Counter-Strike Source today and got a win of the day within my first 30 seconds in a deathmatch so that'll be going up at some point. I've also been playing some cs_italy since some of you have requested different maps, with one of you specifically giving italy as an example.

Also, the last thing I want to mention is Diablo 3. The beta is supposedly being released this summer and I hope to be a part of that beta. In terms of gameplay, I'm not sure many people will watch and/or like Diablo 3 gameplay/commentary on Vigil Gaming (this being based off the StarCraft 2 videos). So what I was thinking was uploading one Diablo 3 video on Vigil then the rest on another channel specifically focused on Diablo. I've already made the channel but it has nothing on it so when the time comes you'll all know about it.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mike Hard Drive Update

So the dude was unable to back up any of my files so I sent the dead drive back to Seagate (who, FYI, have the most retarded packaging rules ever). Anyway, I sent it to them last week and I got my new drive today. That's badass. Major props to Seagate for that.
So I rush downstairs and I plug the thing in to my computer and I hear the USB sound go off, I see that it's installing the new software and then I wait. No autorun. I fool around with it for a while until I get fed up and plug the drive in to my laptop and guess what happens? Software installs, autorun comes up and I'm able to access my drive.

This means 1 of 2 things. 1) If it's possible, I just need to replace my USB plugs on my computer. Or 2) (I'm leaning more towards this one since I really want to light this fucking piece of shit computer on fire already) I buy a new computer for a couple paychecks worth of money.

So as of right now, I technically COULD BE posting videos for you all but since my computer was moulded from shit I need to wait longer. I haven't looked at the price ranges for new computers but if I'm getting a decent one that can handle gaming and stuff it'll probably cost me a thousand bucks or more. If anything that'll be 2-4 paychecks which is 1-2 months.

See you when I see you.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Yo Yo

Hey everyone it's Mike!

I just wanted to update you about my hard drive situation. I got it back from the guy and he said he couldn't back up any of my files which sucks because I had a lot of stuff on there, some of which was pretty personal and just something I wish I could keep. But obviously, my luck with computers and related products damns me in the end.

Anyway, I FINALLY mailed the stupid thing off to Seagate yesterday. The thing is is that Seagate is so retardedly anal about how you have to package the product you send to them and I'm not sure if I packaged it right. They said I needed some foam shit around the drive in a corrugated box and the person at the post office just was like "Wtf are they talking about?" so I just got a regular box, put some newspapers around it (despite the fact they said NOT to use that....) and shipped it out.

I believe it's on express so it went out yesterday or today. I don't know how long Seagate takes to send you something new but hopefully it's quick. I know that once they send it it takes 3-10 days. Anyway, until I get that new drive (if I even do..fuckin' Seagate) I can't film anything since I'd record on to that drive for better quality videos, plus I have no space on my computers main hard drive.

However, I haven't had much time to play games lately because I've got school work just kicking my nuts. So I've got to get that stuff complete and make some time for games when it's done. Til then you have Tha1337ness and Sw1tch to keep you company :)

Oh and one final thing, Sw1tch graduates high school in a few weeks (what a cutie) and says he's getting an HD PVR as a graduation gift so expect more videos from him! We're also going to start testing out a new format for commentaries...involving our subscribers...get excited. :)

Peace in the middle East! <3

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A year later...

Exactly a year ago today Vigil Gaming was created.

It’s crazy how Vigil Gaming has evolved over the past year. From our first video of the Left 4 Dead 2 opening cinematic to our most recent videos, we have grown not only in content but also as a community. We’ve gone from posting multiple videos a day to not posting anything for multiple weeks at a time. We’ve gone from minimal views to viral amongst the gaming community. And all of our success, all of our progression, we owe to each and every one of you: the viewers.

The creation story has been told multiple times before but I’ll give a quick recap of it: on this day Mike really wanted to create a gaming channel. Sw1tch suggested starting a channel with him where they could both post. Mike accepted this and thus began the process of coming up with a name. Mike threw out “VigilGaming” after looking up the definition of Vigil and found that it was a perfect fit. Both Sw1tch and I R Black agreed it was a good name and so started the channel.

Patar was the first new member of Vigil Gaming, joining just a few days after we started by posting walkthrough videos for Fear 2. He later left the channel due to personal reasons and started his own channel: GamingMadeEz. His contribution to Vigil Gaming can still be viewed in the first half of our Portal 1 walkthrough videos.

Dyzix was the next new member joining shortly after Patar did. Though he did not post much he was still a great contribution to the team providing beta StarCraft 2 footage and helping boost our views early on. Dyzix has always been a “moral support” for everyone at Vigil Gaming and currently helps with our revenue.
Sgt. Pepper is the latest and currently last member to join the Vigil Gaming crew. He joined a few months after the channel was started and has since become a regular uploader providing quality content including videos which amassed high amounts of views.

Now let’s switch over to I R Black. He was technically always a member of Vigil Gaming since he was there when we started it though he only ever uploaded one video. Though he does not contribute to our video tally personally, he is always around to help produce our content by providing assistance in games such as Left 4 Dead 2 or Counter-Strike.

Mike has been with Vigil Gaming since day 1. As mentioned earlier, he came up with the name. Mike has probably uploaded more than half the content on the channel. He strives to provide videos you all request from him. From Left 4 Dead 2, to Counter-Strike to Black Ops he’s got a stack full of requests that he’s constantly trying to get for you all. On top of that he manages the website, Twitter and most of the interaction in the comments.

Sw1tch is the mastermind behind the channel itself. From thinking of doing the channel to multiple different series we have going on. Sw1tch actually thought of the Win/Fail of the Day series, request a setup and other things that have made Vigil the unique channel it is. Because of Sw1tch we are the audience-based channel that we are today and he continues to supply the channel with progressively better montages and gameplays in the future.

In a year Vigil Gaming has managed to find the secret to being a successful gaming channel on YouTube and we’ve used it to our advantage with success. In 365 days we’ve gathered almost 1450 subscribers, almost half a million total uploaded views, featured almost 30 different games and accomplished amazing feats such as being the first channel to post HD/commentary footage from The Sacrifice DLC in Left 4 Dead 2. We’ve had our down days in the start when everything was still a little confusing and personalities clashed but we were able to sort things out and continue on this wonderful adventure.

We greatly appreciate all of your support over the past year and we hope to grow even larger over the course of this next year by both expanding our game library as well as following through with some promises. We plan on continuing our efforts to be a channel that loves to communicate with its audience and provide content relevant to what they want to see. We plan to have a great follow up to year 1 and we hope you all will stick around to see it all happen.

From each member of Vigil Gaming: thank you very much for your support. We love you all. :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Well Hello There!

Hey everyone it's Mike! :)

So the websites been pretty dry lately as has the video content up on Vigil Gaming. I thought I'd stop by here and give everyone a quick update.
Firstly, I'm feeling that "uploader" feeling I had back last year around this time when we stared. Speaking of which I just reminded myself that Vigil turns 1 in 3 days. That's amazing!

I'll begin by saying that I'm not making any promises, this is just how I'd like things to play out.

Portal 2 will be coming to Vigil Gaming soon. My hard drive is being fixed as we speak (though I have a feeling I'm being scammed and I'm not getting it back :/) and once that happens I'll have somewhere to film all the gameplay to. Single player will definitely happen but I'd like a friend to play co-op with me. Sw1tch says he'll be getting the game sometime within the next month so hopefully he'll be my co-op buddy.

I'm trying to get back in to Counter-Strike Source but it's still not sparking anything for me. I want to get some mod gameplays as well as some of the other requests you guys have wanted.

The same goes for Left 4 Dead 2. I feel like there isn't much fun left in that game (at the moment, at least) but I'll probably play it religiously at some point in the future.

I've thought about making Team Fortress 2 gameplays and that's another maybe. I haven't liked the game since they updated the crap out of it and allowed engineers to control their sentry guns (seriously, that's fuckin' bullshit!)

Personally I'm standing by my view that Call of Duty is terrible. That being said I do have a Hardcore TDM game from a couple months ago where I went on an absolute tear. It's unlikely there'll be much more videos from that. And I know I haven't done ANY of the requested setups that I got but that's for 2 reasons: 1) I don't play the game that much to be good at consistently and 2) The requests are challenging.

Just some final things I'd like to mention: make sure to follow us on Twitter ( and vote on the new poll! Thanks for reading and I hope to see you all soon! :)