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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hey I'm Mike

Hey guys I'm Mike from Vigil Gaming and I'd like to just say Hello to any of you reading this.

In this post I'd like to talk about some of the things you all can expect from Vigil Gaming in the coming weeks.

So for starters I'll talk about what I have planned. At the moment I have 2 Modern Warfare 2 request videos that are ready to be uploaded and will be soon, hopefully. I plan to continue doing these requests so long as I don't kill myself from the stupid matches I'm in. These requests, at the moment, are my main focus in MW2 so I won't be doing my custom classes for a bit. When the Ressurgence Pack comes out for PC I intend to get it and post gameplays of the new maps with either requested or custom classes.

For Left 4 Dead 2 a brand new Mutation comes out this Friday, Versus Survival. We expect to have a video for you guys, from both Infected & Survivor points of view upload about 2-4 hours after the Mutation goes public. We're also trying to get some gameplay of regular Survival mode along with more Realism Versus and Scavenge while taking our time on the campaign walkthroughs.

A lot of you have been asking us to do more Counter-Strike Source videos and we're trying. We know that a lot of you subbed to us off that CSS update video and we really do appreciate it but please understand we are a multi-game channel. However, we will try to post those a bit more frequently. We've had requests to do Hide & Seek as well as Deathrun so we will be looking in to showcasing those.

I also am trying hard to finish up the Half-Life and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 walkthroughs so I can move on to other games, namely Half-Life 2, Team Fortress 2, COD4 and all that other good stuff.

Dyzix will be uploading a BioShock 2 walkthrough as he harvests the sisters. Since the game doesn't have many "levels" he will be staggering the videos as to not overwhelm you guys with a crap ton of videos in your subscription box. He is also going to be uploading some World At War videos, namely Nazi Zombie footage with Black.

Sw1tch is going to continue uploading gameplays for MW2. He's trying to get some Bad Company 2 online footage for you guys but it's hard to find a game where it's a lot of action so we hope to get some of that up soon. He is also working on a montage for you guys for a game we will not tell you yet. More information to come so stay posted.

Finally, peer pressure is slowly working itself on I R Black and we HOPE to see him start posting some videos in the not-so-distant future. His first upload may or may not be of Red Alert. But everyone spam him with peer pressure! DO IT!

The last thing I want to quickly mention is that StarCraft2 comes out at the end of July. I know Dyzix and Black will for sure be getting it. Dyzix actually has it on pre-order so he will probably be the first one of us to play the full game. I think my brother actually pre-ordered it as well so we'll see. I'm not that in to StarCraft but I'll give it a try after my 2 week addiction when I first played the original StarCraft. Our goal is to post some good gameplays of the beta that will be live 2 weeks prior to the official launch date. We also hope to be the first channel on YouTube to upload and finish the single-player campaign.

Anyway, if you read that whole thing you are a God amongst men. Thanks very much and see you later!

StarCraft 2 Beta Rumored to be coming out early July!

Hey guys, Dyzix here.

So I've been doing my research and talking/listening to some well known names in SC2 as well as just some random websites, and it looks like SC2 is planning to go on their second phase of beta from anywhere between July 1-5th

While Blizzard has made no official announcement (how surprising) it is generally accepted that they need sufficient time to do their work before the game goes live while also leaving the 2-2.5ish weeks of Beta Phase 2 Open. This is where the July 1st to 5th predictions come in.

What does this mean for Vigil Gaming? It means that when the Beta goes live, you can be expecting tons of videos from I R Black and I (Dyzix) as we have played the first phase and loved it.

Stay tuned, we'll keep you posted as more news comes out!

Call Of Duty Pack Steam Sale Review

Hey guys, Dyzix here today to bring you a Vigil Gaming review on the Call of Duty Pack Sale on Steam.

What is it?
Steam is currently holding a summer sale which allows you to purchase call of duty 1, call of duty 2, COD3, COD4 and COD5 (WAW)

This is where the sale get amazing. All of these games are on sale for 30 dollars. Yes, 30 dollars. Keep in mind that you can get COD4 or COD5 alone for just 30 dollars, but then you get all the other games for free if you purchase this.

Buy it if you are looking for some new call of duty action and you don't have either COD4 or COD5. Buying COD4 or COD5 will give you a new call of duty experince, much better than MW2 experience, and on top of that, you get multiple games for free that you can play when ever you want. It is worth it, go check it out, buy it if you can. It is simple and easy to use and well worth 30 dollars.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

BioShock 2 Review

Hey guys. It's Dyzix here from vigil gaming and I'm here to bring you...

BIO SHOCK 2 review!

So, I've just recently finished with the single players after playing through the first time as the good guy who rescues all the little sisters and I love the game. Here is more detail:

Story Line- Stunning. It's captivating, easy to follow and pulls you directly in the game. I couldn't find many things to complain about. This game is just stunning in this aspect. You cannot find many things wrong with it, no major flaws, yet it keeps you compelled and always pulling on your heart strings.

GamePlay - Simple and fun is the easiest way to put it. The game play is intense and exciting and always has you on your toes. With so many variety of attacks, theres so much immersion into the game. Meele attacks, Plasmas, Drills, Rockets, machine guns, you name it, it's all in there and it keeps the game play rich.

Graphics -While I don't like to base a game off it's graphics. It's important to mention the graphics in BioShock 2 which are amazing.

Straight Forwardness - Now I don't see a lot of people doing reviews on this in a sense yet I will definitely do it for all single player games and I encourage others to do it as well. I HATE getting stuck at some stupid level because it doesn't tell you what to do. However, Bioshock 2 has mastered the art of keeping the game challenging yet straight forward and always give you hints and a pleasant arrow to tell you which way to go and what to do. This makes the the game comfortable for all and a much better play.

Length - While I only beat Bioshock 2 in roughly 7 hours of game play, it is definitely a purchase I don't regret. With multilayer still not being talked about (and it will be in a later review) the single player experience alone brings this game so much. On top of that, this game has alternate endings which gets the replay value much higher. But the most important thing to remember about this game is that it is quality gameplay you will get for 7-8 hours of one walk-through. A developer could easily make a game 30 hours long if they made it boring. Bioshock is quality and it is a fine length with high replay value.

Dyzix's rating:

It is a stunning game. Pick it up if you can, it is well worth it, with it only being 30 dollars on steam (15 dollars on sale if you act fast) and it is worth your money. You will get quality game play with a multilayer and a high single player game mode and it is definetly worth a 9.5/10.

Nazi Zombie + WaW vids coming your way!

Hey guys,

Dyzix here from vigil gaming today to bring you a post on some new and exciting news on some future videos for Vigil Gaming. I R Black and I have just recently purchased Call of Duty World at War and we will very shortly be coming out with some Nazi zombie game while also doing a full CO-OP walk through with duel commentary of the whole game. Be sure to look out for the Call of Duty videos in the future, we're hoping you guys will enjoy and we will make it as entertaining as possible.

On another note, what do you guys think of WaW and Nazi zombies in particular? Do you love it? Hate it? Does anyone else, besides myself, want it in Black Ops? I personally have my fingers crossed for it as Nazi Zombies can provide hours of fun. Let us know down below! Thanks

Friday, June 25, 2010

Why CSS DOESN'T sucks after Update.

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Mike disproves why the counter strike source update doesn't suck.

- Map List
- Freeze Cam
- Achievements
- Lag
- Tick
- Surf
- Jailbreak
- Gun Game

What do you think? Let us know down below!

Left 4 Dead 2 Tank Ownage

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Hey guys. So, Mike made this awesome video for the contest that Valve had a while ago, it didn't win but it's still an awesome video! Check it out!


Protoss Run Tips for New StarCraft 2 Players

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Dyzix shows some simple yet effective tips for NEW starcraft 2 players who are just jumping into the franchise. This was recorder in the BETA. Check back for more soon!


MW2 Free For all Game play with Commentary

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Mike brings you an ACR gameplay in Modern Warfare 2. Do you guys still like this game? What needs to change? Let us know in the comments

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Switch brings you an absolute beast montage that really challenges Optic gaming for their role as top sniper. Enjoy and Optic Gaming, Switch is waiting for a challenge!!

Fly like a Deagle - CSS Montage

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Mike Brings you a nice CSS Deagle montage. Plenty of head shots for all to enjoy.

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Hey guys, Dyzix brings you an awesome AWPing spree on CSS. This was before the update but i has some crazy awping action. Hope you enjoy!

Left 4 Dead 2 Realism Versus GamePlay!

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We do a run through of some Left 4 Dead 2 Realism Versus. Played with all of us, we have some fun tips and intresting gameplay that all Left 4 Dead 2 fans can enjoy.

Please suggest gameplay videos down below or directly on our youtube channel.