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Friday, August 27, 2010

Ask Vigil Gaming Week #2

This week we got 1 question. Sigh, we were hoping this would be a good thing to communicate further with you guys but if this keeps up we may have to stop it all together. :(

Q: "How did VigilGaming get started? Like who came up with the idea, did you decide together that you wanted to do something like this, how did you decide on the games, etc." from disutansu

A: Vigil started pretty suddenly. Mike wanted to make a gaming channel for a while and then finally decided to put that wish in to action. He announced it over Vent to Sw1tch and Black and it was Sw1tch who suggested making a channel with him and both of them could post. So to answer the first question, Sw1tch is the person who had the idea of Vigil.

Prior to this Sw1tch had asked Mike to make a channel with him like this but Mike wasn't very interested in it for an unknown reason. It wasn't until he saw the major benefits in having more than one uploader that he thought it was a great idea when Sw1tch brought it up again.

We actually had 2 or so names prior to VigilGaming we were going to use but they were taken. It was Mike who threw "VigilGaming" out to Sw1tch and Black and thought it sounded awesome so he dictionaried what Vigil meant. After seeing that the definition was exactly what we wanted Sw1tch & Mike settled on the name while Black just agreed to everything.

When we started it was Sw1tch and Mike for about a day then we recruited Patar a day or 2 later when he told us he was going to start posting a Fear 2 walkthrough on his channel. Patar ended up leaving due to personal reasons but we're all still good friends and he can still be watched on the first half of the Portal walkthroughs. Around the same time we told Dyzix about the channel and told him a spot was always available for him to post and he accepted the offer. As for Black, he was technically an uploader from the start of Vigil but he's not too big on uploading stuff.

We never actually discussed what games we were going to post, it was more of a post-what-you-play type thing. So right away we knew we wanted to post Left 4 Dead 2, Counter-Strike Source & Modern Warfare 2 since those were the games we frequently played. After that it just sort of evolved in to checking our games Library and putting that stuff out. But we always had a sort of misison statement to deliver new games that were relevant above all else and we think we've stuck to that for the most part.

Thank you for your question. And remember guys, you can ask as many questions as long as they aren't uploader-specific questions on the video of ours with #AskVG at the beginning and end of the title of the video!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Welcome To Our New Uploader

Hello everybody.

It's our pleasure at Vigil Gaming to introduce to you guys a new uploader: Sgt. Pepper or simply, Cameron. Cameron is a real life friend of Sw1tch's and we look forward to seeing some XBox 360 gameplay from games such as Left 4 Dead 2, Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty 4, Halo 3 and soon Halo Reach!

So please help us introduce Sgt. Pepper by leaving a comment on this blog post or spamming his first video with messages! :)

Also, we have a new poll about Black Ops so make sure to vote.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ask Vigil Gaming Week #1

For our first week of Ask VigilGaming we received a grand total of 4 So we thought we'd answer all of them for you guys.
Make sure to leave your questions for next weeks Ask VigilGaming on our new marked video (with #AskVG in the title). The new video is part 1/2 of L4D2's Last Man on Earth gameplay.
We are not limiting how many questions per user we answer so if you keep asking us good question(s) we'll keep answering them.

Q: "What is the best Left 4 Dead kill you have ever gotten?" from Iskee01

A: Mike - The multiple out-the-window chargers on Dead Center or the 25 hunter pounces that result in death.

Sw1tch - Charging Sovereign out the window on Dead Center.

Black - Jockeying someone out the window to their death on Dead Center.

Dyzix - This is a hard one, seeing as I've played the game almost since it has been released. But from what I can remember it was probably when on Dead Center on the first level. I got a charger and there was a smoker on the ledge pulling people off. Two people were down and both were being revived. I charged both off the ledge and one to the ground. It was win.

Q: "In Left 4 Dead 2, do you have any favorite line(s) from any of the characters?" from disutansu

A: Mike - Anything Ellis says is good. My favourite has to be the gator talk or the Bridge finale monologue.

Sw1tch - When Coach says: "That long neck bitch hit me!"

Black - When Nick says: "Tits"

Dyzix - Hmm.."Axe me a question" -Rochelle

Q: "Do you have any other users on YouTube you enjoy watching?" from jrockpunk1

A: Mike - KassemG, AndyWarski, Philip DeFranco, ShayCarl, Nicepeter, twelthofadime, makemebad35, Julian Smith, Peter Chao, Tobuscus and Rucka Rucka Ali

Sw1tch - KassemG

Black - HopelessProd, Philip DeFranco

Dyzix - Oh man, I have tons. I have had my first YouTube account since 2006 and have been watching tons of people on YouTube. But if I had to pick a top few that I love watching right now it would have to be: Sxephil, HuskyStarcraft and HDstarcraft.

Q: "What is your favorite video game?" from crazyman1905

A: Mike - Pong

Sw1tch - Modern Warfare 2

Black - At the moment it's Left 4 Dead 2.

Dyzix - Wow, this is a terribly hard question for any gamer to really answer. There are so many good games I know and love, but if I had to pick right now it's simply Starcraft 2. It is a great strategy game to play as well as a great strategy game to watch professional plays. It is really helping the Esports scene in North America with so many multiple tournaments. My favorite part about it is the fact that no matter what league you are in, the Esports professional scene is something everyone can watch and enjoy.

Thank you for your questions and we'll see you next week!

New L4D DLC & Portal 2 Thoughts

For those of you that weren't able to catch GameTrailers TV last night or are just out of the loop, Valve announced a new DLC for Left 4 Dead, the comic, the future of L4D DLC's and Portal 2.

Let's start off with The Sacrifice which is the title of the new L4D DLC which does not have a release date as of yet. The Sacrifice will follow the L4D1 survivors as the story is told of how Bill truly dies. Now what I found interesting was that the guy from Valve talking about it said that there is 2 things that could happen and it's up to the players to decide. I really like that idea. I believe it's just how Bill dies, not whether or not he lives or dies. The other thing he said that caught me totally off guard was that The Sacrifice will also come out for L4D2. Saying that Valve doesn't want players to have to buy the original to find out Bill's fate they will let owners of L4D2 to play the L4D1 DLC on L4D2. I don't know how I feel about that. I'm kind of disappointed but at the same time I feel it's something new, so whatever.
The Valve rep also mentioned that L4D2 will obtain a new but old campaign, everyone's favourite, No Mercy. No Mercy is a campaign from the original L4D that everyone loved so they are putting it in L4D2. I've always thought NM looked pretty cool so I'm excited to play it and hand out a L4D2 walkthrough for it.
Finally in terms of L4D, the rep was asked if this is the end of DLC's for the L4D franchise to which he replied no. That's what I found really neat is that the story will keep on going and more DLC's are planned to come out. He also said MAYBE to a new survivor being introduced (probably for L4D1).

Now to the Portal 2 side of things. They were showing off some gameplay as well as talking about the game. At the moment it has a release date of February 9, 2011 which is amazing since it was announced not too long ago and knowing Valve they usually announce a game then release it a decade later so hopefully they don't postpone it. There are 2 things that got me the most excited. The first was the co-op campaign. They will let you play with a friend through a new set of puzzles completely different from the single player version. Hearing that the co-op and single player will be 2 different campaigns was a nice relief and I am really excited to see what the co-op side of the game will offer. The other announcement made was the possibility of cross-platform co-op. I have always had this dream of like a 100 player server full of different people from different consoles just battling it out but I guess this will do. If this feature is in the game that will give, for example, a PC gamer the opportunity to play with their friend on PS3.

The final announcement that wasn't really interesting to me but some of you may like is that Steam is coming to the PS3. Nice.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Bow Chicka Bow Wow

Hey guys it's Mike!

What's up with the title, you ask? Why do you care? Is it relevant? No. Now stop with your questions and let me talk will you? I'm sorry, it's late at night, I'm tired (but not really)...I said some things I shouldn't have said. But anyway.......

I just wanted to talk about my rape night in MW2 just now. I don't know what the hell was going on but I sure hope it's permanent. I was wrecking stuff up in the game! I managed to finish 2 request videos in under an hour, and the one request was a one shot (meaning I only played one game to get it)! I was working on a third request but I need to unlock Thermal on the primary so I was just playing some TDM and I was STILL wrecking stuff up! I almost got a Nuke so many times tonight, it was redicupiss. If this keeps up we should have a Nuke video very soon, and I should be done all your requests within a week. But, we all know it was probably just "one of those nights". :(

Anyway, Dyzix suggested that Black & I do a Best of 3 series in StarCraft 2 for you guys as he commentates it live. We were going to do it today but we played some other games so we might start it tomorrow, but really, who knows? Also, I think the loser of the series should have to face Dyzix as a punishment for losing. That should give at least myself enough initiative to win! Also, I'd like to post a Practice League 1v1 I had that was pretty cool as well as a Practice League 2v2 I did with a friend of mine that was actually very good. The only reason I want to post the PL stuff is to show you guys what SC2 is like from a new-comers perspective; one who didn't play SC1 very much, one who didn't play the Beta and one who is still learning SC2. I really believe there's not enough of these kinds of videos out there that are good and people go buy the game expecting it to be a cake walk and end up disappointed *cough* Bad Company 2 *cough*

Also, the 4 of us are planning to do a Vent recording for the new L4D2 Mutation since it's absolutely terrible. We're hoping that by doing this you guys can get somewhat of a pleasant experience out of the Mutation since Vent recordings are always fun. And speaking of L4D2, I recorded an amazing Realism Versus game today with Black and Sw1tch that I'll post sometime between tomorrow and the end of the year. The guys tried trollololing us at one point but we pooped on them.

Anyhoozle, hope you guys are having a good time wherever you are and whatever you're doing. Thanks for reading and good byyee!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Memorabilia Section On Channel

If you visit our channel page ( and scroll down to the bottom of our channel description box you will notice we have added a new section called MEMORABILIA which is where we will post our achievements as a channel on YouTube such as being the first channel to post certain things in a certain quality with certain features. Feel free to catch up on some history by checking it out.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Contest & #AskVG Video Up!

The contest is officially open and the new Ask Vigil Gaming segment has also started. Watch the video attached for details!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Contest & Ask VigilGaming

Mike is currently filming the contest video which also explains the new Ask VigilGaming segment. Upon finishing he will edit it and render it and post it for you guys as soon as he can.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Contest + Update

Hey guys it's Mike!

To start I want to talk about the contest Vigil Gaming is holding to celebrate 500 subscribers. The four uploaders have not actually talked about the rules and regulations of it yet so we need to do that first and all agree with what the contest will be. When that happens, hopefully within the next day or 2, we will post an official video on the channel telling all you guys what it is.

As for the update part of this post, get ready for some reading, if you continue.

For starters, and this isn't official yet, we are looking for a Ventrilo server to further interact with you guys, our subscribers. At the moment we don't really want to have to buy another Vent server with a lot of slots so what we'll probably do, if we do this, is find a random Vent server that's empty and occupy it since there is a lot of those servers just lying around.

To go even further in our hopes to better communicate with you guys, we will be starting a Ask VigilGaming segment. What this will be is that one video a week will be posted (just a regular gameplay) but the title will have some sort of hashtag (i.e. #AskVG) at the end of it and that will mean that is the video you guys can post your questions for us on. You'll be able to post as many questions as long as they are all different. We would prefer if you guys do post questions that are general that the 4 of us can talk about not a uploader-specific question. We'll probably end up talking more about this on our contest video.

Now for the gameplay side of things starting with StarCraft 2. As you all know I am doing a single player walkthrough for the game. There is a total of 29 missions and I have done 10 of those. The only issue I'm having, which is the reason the videos aren't very consistent as of late, is that the longer videos keep getting the audio cut at around half way or three quarters in to it. That's very frustrating since not only is it just gameplay without any sort of audio but what's worse it that some of the cinematics are audioless which renders the video basically useless. But besides that, do expect some more multiplayer footage in the near future.

As for Counter-Strike Source I am trying to get another gameplay for you guys using an M3 on cs_office. That's a lot harder than I thought it would be. I actually had a gameplay ready to Fraps but I waited too long and an update broke all my demo's so I have to re-record all of it. Also for CSS, you can expect Dyzix's video from the poll sometime soon since his computer issues are over with and he has a new PC, which can run games at awesome quality. Also, for anyone wondering, there will probably be no new videos from the NEW CSS Beta that was released a few days ago simply because there's nothing there worth making a video about.

For Modern Warfare 2 we are still playing and posting videos on it. For those of you wondering why there hasn't been any request videos in a while from me, that's because I've just been really enjoying playing with the Intervention. Plus the request I'm working on required me to get 300 kills with a gun to unlock FMJ, but now that I have everything I need for the request I'll be trying to get it just as long as WeGame doesn't keep crashing on startup like it has been the last couple days. As for Sw1tch's videos, he couldn't post a Weird Setup Wednesday video this week because he was on vacation and had other things in relation to that to enjoy, but there should be a new video for next Wednesday. He will also be continuing to post his mini/night/montages as well as gamepaly videos with at least 2 people commentating since he likes to have someone to talk to while he commentates. Finally, if you're wondering, I have a total of 11 requests to get to while Sw1tch has a decent amount as well, so please be patient.

You've probably noticed new Alien Swarm videos aren't very frequent. The reason for that is just that I haven't been playing the game very much. As of this posting I am only missing a few levels with difficulties: Cargo Elevator on Insane, Deima Surface Bridge on Insane, SynTek Residential on Insane, Sewer Junction B5 on Insane and Timor Station on Hard or Insane. I don't know when or if I'll get all of them but only time will tell.

For Left 4 Dead 2 our main concern is just getting the Mutation videos out to you each week. As some of you know, we do still enjoy playing Realism Versus and we actually invite everyone who is online in the Steam group to play with us, so make sure you're in the group! We usually don't record every game we play which has actually turned out to be bad since we've had some great games, but maybe one day you guys will see another RV gameplay.

Half-Life is ALMOST done. I just need to post one more online gameplay video and then the game will be put on the Inactive list until people start requesting more. I have a gameplay video I just need to Fraps and then commentate but I haven't gotten around to it. The same goes for Opposing Force. I need 2 more gameplays for OpFor and at the moment I have one demo waiting to be Fraps'd. However, OpFor isn't a popular game and it's hard finding a server with people on it that I can get some gameplay with.

If you guys are waiting for some Call of Duty 4 gameplays then you won't have to wait very long since Sw1tch does have 1 or 2 videos he just needs to commentate and then post for you.

Finally, for those wondering if I will be doing a Half-Life 2 walkthrough after StarCraft 2 the answer is yes. However, if things keep going the way they are I'll probably be done SC2 by the time school starts and seeing as though I'm in my senior year I don't know how much time I'll have to do these videos, especially as the semester progresses. And just to clarify, even though I've said it multiple times, yes: I will do the Episode 1 & 2.

But I think that wraps it up for this long post. Thanks for reading if you have.