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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Update Hour

Hey guys it's Mike!

I just feel like writing something so I thought I'd once again discuss the near future for Vigil Gaming in terms of games.

I'll start off with the newest game we will be uploading once it's released, Halo: Reach. SgtPepper is fortunately going to the midnight release for the game and will be uploading at least one video as soon as possible (ideally like 2-3 hours after the release of the game). The video will be of the first level of single player since no one has ever seen that before in the beta. I wouldn't hold your breath for a full walk through since everyone else isn't too big on walkthroughs.

Next up is Black Ops. Our last poll was actually asking if you guys were going to get Black Ops and we had a 3 way tie between Yes, Not on the day of release but yes and No. The fourth option, After I hear peoples' opinions about it, was 1 vote off from making it a 4 way tie. Very interesting. But rest assured that for those wanting Black Ops we will deliver. I'm not sure anyone will be at the midnight release but we will definitely post multiplayer and at least the first level of single player as soon as possible. And when I say we I mean SgtPepper and/or Sw1tch.

For StarCraft 2 the walkthroughs are almost wrapped up. I believe I'm 6-7 levels from beating the game and I have 4 levels ready to upload whenever I can. Once those are done I'll probably start casting some 1v1 replays I have laying around from Bronze & Silver league as well as a FFA or 2. Dyzix may also post some Protoss games.

Modern Warfare 2 is, I think, slowly coming to an end (and thankfully in my opinion). I know a few of you guys hate the MW2 we put up but it's slowly dying down. For me the only thing I play for now is requests and I actually have so many left that I've started contacting the requesters if they wouldn't mind it being done by Pepper or Sw1tch to help me out. Don't expect too many non-request videos in the coming months.

Left 4 Dead 2 hasn't been getting it's weekly uploads since Valve has decided to be stupid and do Developer's Choice for a Mutation the past 3 weeks + the repeat week. We are all hoping that NEXT week's Mutation is something new. SgtPepper has a few games he can upload and hopefully does for Versus mode.

Counter-Strike Source. I know a lot of you want CSS. And I know we've said we would upload and never did. BUT here is some good news. Once I render all these SC2 levels (3 more videos; 1.5 levels) I will be deleting the raw Fraps files to clear up about 100GB of space. At that point I'll be recording some CSS demo's I got recently. There is some office gameplay with a Krieg and a Deathmatch video that I know for sure I can upload. So expect that sometime within the month hopefully.

I think that just about covers everything. Don't forget to ask us questions on the #AskVG video of the week every week. Also a reminder, the contest we are holding for 500 subs is closing in 2 weeks come tomorrow!

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