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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mike + XBox 360 = ?

Hey everyone it's Mike!

My birthday is on Thursday and I haven't asked for anything from my family. However, recently I've been wanting to buy an XBox 360 since I don't do much on m computer anyway and all my friends are consoletards. Now the cool thing about me wanting an XBox is that it's currently on sale at Best Buy until my birthday for $300 (250GB console + Medal of Honor + Splinter Cell Conviction) and that is one hell of a deal. The money I'd be saving would slightly contribute to the purchasing of another controller and Black Ops.

So tomorrow I'll go to the bank and see how much money I have (just to see how much accessories I can buy with it) and ask my mom to let me buy it. I'm really hoping me using the "it's my birthday present for myself" trick will work since my mom hates me buying games so she'll definitely hate this, especially with exams only a month away.

But I'll keep everyone posted. If I don't get an XBox this week I'll for sure be getting one in the summer. As for the PVR, I'll take my time on that, but it's definitely something I want to get so I can provide more gameplays for you all, including more walkthroughs.

Speaking of walkthroughs, I might be starting the Half-Life 2 walkthroughs when I get my hard drive fixed. Maybe though. As for my hard drive, my brother needs to take a look at it and try to figure out why it's not working with my computer. I've asked the manufacturer via forum and they said to try updating my motherboard drives and reloading the USB root hub and that hasn't seemed to help so I'm hoping all that can be resolved.

In other video news, I went on Counter-Strike Source today and got a win of the day within my first 30 seconds in a deathmatch so that'll be going up at some point. I've also been playing some cs_italy since some of you have requested different maps, with one of you specifically giving italy as an example.

Also, the last thing I want to mention is Diablo 3. The beta is supposedly being released this summer and I hope to be a part of that beta. In terms of gameplay, I'm not sure many people will watch and/or like Diablo 3 gameplay/commentary on Vigil Gaming (this being based off the StarCraft 2 videos). So what I was thinking was uploading one Diablo 3 video on Vigil then the rest on another channel specifically focused on Diablo. I've already made the channel but it has nothing on it so when the time comes you'll all know about it.

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