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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ask Vigil Gaming Week #3

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Q: "What were some of your firsts? What kind of games/game consoles you got and played first and how were your experiences with them? Do you miss playing them, and do you ever want to go back and play them?" by disutansu

A: Mike - The first gaming console I ever played on was I believe an NES, the big grey Nintendo thing. The first game I played was Duck Hunt or some Mario game on it. At the time I didn't really understand any of it because I was really young but overall it was really fun.
The first console I actually played consistantly was the Super Nintendo. My favourite game on that was Donkey Kong Country and I wrecked it up in that game. From time to time I feel like plugging it back in but then the moment passes and I don't.
The first console I ever actually wanted and received was a Nintendo 64. Best console ever. Hands down.

Dyzix - First game/consoles: Well obviously I played a lot of Gameboy and Pokemon when that was out, but I'm pretty sure my first big jump into PC gaming was Age of Empires 3. I played that game quiet a bit and while I was still very young when I played and I played quiet bad at it, it was still a big jump for me into PC gaming. What really brought me into the online experience however would have to be Runescape. I spent hours on the game when i was young, and leveled up and did quiet well. That has to be one of the first major games that I played very competitively and brought me into online gaming. As for console, I had a PlayStation 1, and my neighbor at the time also had an XBox. I later upgraded to a PlayStation 2 which I played a lot of Scooby-Doo on. Those were some fun simple times with games.

Do I miss them? In ways yes and in ways no. What I do miss is the simplicity of those games. It was simple. Go on and have fun. No worry about your ladder rankings. No worrying about KDR, no raging when you did bad, it was just simple fun. When you were bored you pop on and play. That's what I miss about gaming. I feel that as I've gotten more into gaming I have become more obsessed with ladder ranking, KDR, etc. It becomes less fun and more work in some ways.
Yet, I also enjoy the competitive scene. If you read my previous answer, I love SC2 for the competitiveness of it. I love the thrill of beating someone in a ladder match or getting a good score in an FPS game. This is what I do love about the new games, the competitiveness, yet I do also miss the laid back play of when I was a kid. This is why I try and always keep a balance between games like SC2 and L4D2, Some are just pure fun, the others are more competitive.

Sw1tch - My first console to play was Nintendo 64. I played an FPS called Golden Eye 007 and thats when I started playing FPS'. I miss it a lot, and I still have it so if you want to see some gameplay of it let me know. :)

Black - My first games were Wolfenstien 3D, Red Baron II and Risk, all for PC. I don't miss playing them because there are other games of the same genre that I can play and are even better. Would I ever want to go back and play them? No, I'm pretty sure none of them are supported by Vista.

SgtPepper - My first game that I played was Street Fighter 2 for Super Nintendo or SEGA. I still play it on XBox Live Arcade. My first shooter games were Golden Eye on N64, Turok and I think there was an expansion for 007 that I played. I still play those since I have an N64 emulator. Turok was kind of dull but 007 was amazing. I used to play it all the time with my friends. It was so fun.

Thanks for the question!
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