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Friday, October 1, 2010


The poll has spoken.

In the recent poll we asked "What games should we play at the open lobby?" and we gave you 2 options for PC and 2 for XBox 360. The results were as follow: Counter-Strike Source had 11 votes (50%), Halo: Reach had 8 votes (36%), Left 4 Dead 2 had 3 votes (13%) and Modern Warfare 2 had, understandably, 0 votes.

So that means tomorrow the XBox 360 lobby will be playing Halo: Reach at 2pm Central time. Make sure to add at least S w 1 t c h to Live to be invited.
The PC lobby will be playing Counter-Strike Source with invites being sent out at 5pm Eastern time. Make sure you're a part of the Steam group ( and online near that hour.
If you don't live in one or both of the time zones then just Google a time zone converter or something. It's very simple.

If you have both Halo: Reach and Counter-Strike Source I believe that both of the lobbies are a few hours apart so you could probably make it to both of them if you wanted to.

Remember, these lobbies WILL be recorded and uploaded to VigilGaming. See you all there!

This weeks new poll asks "What soon-to-be game are you most looking forward to?" with Black Ops, L4D2's DLC entitled "The Sacrifice", Medal of Honor, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm and Other competing for your votes. The poll ends next Friday, October 8, 2010!

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