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Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Ops PC + Poll

Hey everyone it's Mike!

If you read my update about Black Ops being barely playable I have some good news for you all. I didn't have much to do right now so I decided to Google some Black Ops performance issue fixes and I found some that I did and the game now runs MUCH more smooth than it did. I did still get some bad freezing going on but nothing compared to the amount I had before (every 3 seconds and every time I shoot). Now it seems that I only freeze up real bad in an open area or where there is a lot of people. This is, however, all based off one game on Launch. The link to these fixes will be at the end of this post.

To the poll results! Last week we wanted to know: "What was the first gaming console you played?" It turns out that 42% of you (3 votes) had your first time with NES or N64. The other 14% (1 vote) was on PlayStation. SNES, A Sega Product, Dreamcast, Computer and Other all got 0 votes. This week we want to know "How much time per week do you usually spend gaming?" with the following options: "1-3 hours", "3-6 hours", "6-9 hours", "9-12 hours", "12+ hours". Be honest. No one is going to judge you! This poll ends on Friday, December 3, 2010!


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