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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ask Vigil Gaming Week #4

These are the 2 questions we answered for the fourth week of Ask Vigil Gaming. Thanks to our two questioners. This weeks #AskVG video is a bit delayed but it'll be out sometime soon and it'll probably be a Halo: Reach video.

Q: "Do you enjoy doing these commentaries?" by Iskee01

A: Mike - Of course otherwise I wouldn't be doing them. However, I will say that sometimes the whole process of doing the commentaries like filming, editing, rendering and even commentating some of the longer videos is tedious.

Dyzix - Yes, I do enjoy them. I think its a great way to get involved to talk directly to your community and to put a face to the videos we upload. It is something that is fun to do to hear the feedback from the community as well for myself as an uploader to get opinions and such in the commentary. All in all it is very fun.

Sw1tch - I do but I don't. The reason I don't is because I run out of things to say and it get's awkward so I'm just like "What am I supposed to say?" And planning for commentaries is dumb.

Black - Sure...even though I don't really do them.

SgtPepper - No I'd rather just upload a game and put some music behind it. I guess I'm good at commentaries I just don't want to do them even though I've never uploaded a game with music but I might start.

Q: "All of you have done a lot of gaming, but what was the most difficult game or a certain part of a game you've played? Like you kept dying and always had to restart or it was the most insane boss battle ever... this could come from your earlier gaming days too." from disutansu

A: Mike - There was this one mission in Modern Warfare 2 that got me real worked up. I don't remember the name of it but you're on a boat with a weapon that has Thermal and you're trying to kill people, obviously, but I kept getting shot from every angle while the bots did nothing for me. Also, in Donkey Kong Country I could never get past the 3rd level I think. There was a jump I could never land and it sucked. Also, in Golden Eye I could never get past like the 4th level because I just didn't know where to go. As for the hardest boss fight it was the spider boss from Half-Life since I was so low on health I kept dying from falling in the second stage of the battle.

Dyzix - Level 5 Boss from Contra Shattered Soldier. If someone does that boss fight from Vigil Gaming I will love you. One of the hardest and most annoying boss fights ever. Can you say rage quit?

Sw1tch - The last level of 007 Goldeneye was hard as hell and it took me many tries to beat it.

Black - Games dont challenge me, I challenege them.

SgtPepper - The hardest game experience I've had in console gaming is trying to beat Halo 3 on Legendary mode with all skulls enabled. It took me about a month of afternoon sessions to just beat the first 5 levels. I didn't finish doing it, I realized it was a complete waste of time since there was no way to prove that I had actually done it since I didn't have a capture card back then.

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