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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Open Lobby Times

Hey everyone it's Mike!

I quickly wanted to confirm the time that the open lobby for PC will start. For PC (and it looks like we'll be playing Counter-Strike Source) the open lobby will begin at 5PM Eastern time. That is when I'll mass invite anyone that is online in the Steam group to chat and then at around 5:10-5:20pm we'll head in to a server and play some gaimez! If you don't live in the Eastern time zone just Google "what is 5pm est in INSERT YOUR TIME ZONE HERE" and you'll find out.

The XBox 360 open lobby time hasn't been confirmed though it does look like Halo: Reach is the game that'll be played. Sw1tch is making a video announcing the times and such for Friday and I'll see if I can get to him to mention the PC time as well before he posts it.

We hope to see you all either on XBox 360 or on PC. And remember, these lobbies WILL be recorded and WILL be posted on to the VigilGaming YouTube channel. So if you want to be in a video and showcase some of the skill we know you all have then make sure to join us! The lobbies will last anywhere from an hour to a year.

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