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Friday, September 17, 2010

No More Modern Warfare 2?

Hey guys it's Mike.

I wanted to tell you guys that for the most part, Vigil Gaming is done posting Modern Warfare 2 gameplays. I myself have actually, finally, quit playing the game since it's so terrible. I'm only going to be playing private matches with my friends since that is actually fun and not annoying.

Sw1tch himself has really cut back on the game seeing as it's boring to him as well, mainly because not many of his friends play it anymore.

SgtPepper is now occupied with Halo: Reach and respectively so. If I had to choose between Reach and MW2 I'd pick Halo any day...and I'm not even a big fan of the series.

With all that being said I do want to mention that I have a few more gameplays sitting on my desktop I want to upload. I have an 18-0 Intervention TDM on Highrise which I'm now debating whether or not to post, an interesting 1.94 KDR Barret Domination game on Terminal that I'll probably post and 2 request videos which I for sure will post. I also have a montage that isn't a montage coming out soon. It's basically my friends and I playing some private matches and getting sweet game winning kills with reactions. Some of the stuff is sick.

Now for anyone who has caught on to what this means for all the other requests that have been left undone, it basically means we're not going to do your MW2 requested setup. If you REALLY wanted to have us do it then we're sorry. However, seeing as all the requests that remain are either stupid and/or extremely hard (i.e. Knife only with RPD, Stinger, Smokes, Tac Insert, Marathon, Lightweight & Commando) I don't see how anyone that requested them honestly thought we'd do them. I think they were just like "What's a stupid setup that'll give them grief? Oh I know!"

But yeah. That's all I have to say on that subject.
Just a reminder though, our avatar/background contest ends NEXT Friday, September 24, 2010 at Midnight EST!! You guys have 7 days to do something if you're entering!

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