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Friday, December 3, 2010

Another Mike Update

Hey everybody it's obviously Mike.

Just wanted to inform you all that my processor on my computer has died. I am currently on an older PC that I'm only using for school and watching YouTube. This would be either the second or third year in a row that around this time something has broken in my computer. This would be the like 10th year in a row that something has gone wrong with my computer. I'll hopefully have a new processor within 1-2 weeks. So I'm no good for Vigil Gaming for that time period, even though I only have 1 video to post anyway.

Speaking of uploading, my brothers computer, which I used to upload on, is no longer available for use so I'm stuck with my shitty internet. I get a max of 60 kb/s so I'm trying to convince my mom to pay $27 more a month so I can get 1 mb/s and 125GB monthly bandwidth opposed to my current 60GB limit.

I hate computers.

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