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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Recording Update

Hey everyone it's Mike!

So for Christmas I asked for an external hard drive and I got one that's a terabyte. :) I installed Fraps on to it to kind of take the pressure off my computer in hopes that I would be able to retain some FPS and it seems to be working. So today I spent a lot of the day recording some stuff.

I recorded 2 CSS videos, an AK gameplay on Office and an M4 gameplay on Office.
I recorded like 3 or 4 StarCraft 2 league games from way back in like October.
When I'm done commentating all of the videos and rendering them I'll take a picture of all the videos that are going to be uploaded in January. There's going to be a lot from me which should make up for my inactiveness a few months ago. Plus those videos will be fillers for me while I study and am unable to get new footage.

Happy Holidays everyone! See ya!

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