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Friday, December 24, 2010

Update, Holidays, New Poll

Hey everyone it's Mike!

First of all I'd like to start off by wishing all of you a Merry Christmas! If you don't celebrate Christmas then Happy Holidays! We hope all of you had a splendid time.

The update portion of this post pertains to just me. My bandwidth has like 7GB left on it which I'm trying with so much effort to save without actually turning off my router so I won't be posting any videos until my bandwidth resets on January 4, which coincidentally is, I believe, the day I return to school. -.- However, in January you can look forward to I think 3 Black Ops gameplays, 2 Counter-Strike Source gameplays, a Fail of the Day brought to you by I R Black and some more Left 4 Dead 2 stuff! However, January is the last month of my first semester so I'm going to be extremely busy with projects and studying for exams.

Now for the poll. Last week we asked you: "Should Vigil Gaming do live shows?" 71% of you (5 voters) said yes we should while 28% of you (2 voters) said we should not. I'm going to be buying a laptop on Sunday, December 26 so going off the poll results I'll probably use the webcam in that laptop to broadcast some live shows from uStream a couple times a week. This weeks poll once again tests your Vigil Gaming history knowledge: "Who was the first person recruited to Vigil Gaming?" with the following options: "Sgt. Pepper", "I R Black", "Patar" and "Dyzix". This poll ends on Friday, December 31, 2010!

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