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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Yo Yo

Hey everyone it's Mike!

I just wanted to update you about my hard drive situation. I got it back from the guy and he said he couldn't back up any of my files which sucks because I had a lot of stuff on there, some of which was pretty personal and just something I wish I could keep. But obviously, my luck with computers and related products damns me in the end.

Anyway, I FINALLY mailed the stupid thing off to Seagate yesterday. The thing is is that Seagate is so retardedly anal about how you have to package the product you send to them and I'm not sure if I packaged it right. They said I needed some foam shit around the drive in a corrugated box and the person at the post office just was like "Wtf are they talking about?" so I just got a regular box, put some newspapers around it (despite the fact they said NOT to use that....) and shipped it out.

I believe it's on express so it went out yesterday or today. I don't know how long Seagate takes to send you something new but hopefully it's quick. I know that once they send it it takes 3-10 days. Anyway, until I get that new drive (if I even do..fuckin' Seagate) I can't film anything since I'd record on to that drive for better quality videos, plus I have no space on my computers main hard drive.

However, I haven't had much time to play games lately because I've got school work just kicking my nuts. So I've got to get that stuff complete and make some time for games when it's done. Til then you have Tha1337ness and Sw1tch to keep you company :)

Oh and one final thing, Sw1tch graduates high school in a few weeks (what a cutie) and says he's getting an HD PVR as a graduation gift so expect more videos from him! We're also going to start testing out a new format for commentaries...involving our subscribers...get excited. :)

Peace in the middle East! <3

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