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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ask Vigil Gaming Week #1

For our first week of Ask VigilGaming we received a grand total of 4 So we thought we'd answer all of them for you guys.
Make sure to leave your questions for next weeks Ask VigilGaming on our new marked video (with #AskVG in the title). The new video is part 1/2 of L4D2's Last Man on Earth gameplay.
We are not limiting how many questions per user we answer so if you keep asking us good question(s) we'll keep answering them.

Q: "What is the best Left 4 Dead kill you have ever gotten?" from Iskee01

A: Mike - The multiple out-the-window chargers on Dead Center or the 25 hunter pounces that result in death.

Sw1tch - Charging Sovereign out the window on Dead Center.

Black - Jockeying someone out the window to their death on Dead Center.

Dyzix - This is a hard one, seeing as I've played the game almost since it has been released. But from what I can remember it was probably when on Dead Center on the first level. I got a charger and there was a smoker on the ledge pulling people off. Two people were down and both were being revived. I charged both off the ledge and one to the ground. It was win.

Q: "In Left 4 Dead 2, do you have any favorite line(s) from any of the characters?" from disutansu

A: Mike - Anything Ellis says is good. My favourite has to be the gator talk or the Bridge finale monologue.

Sw1tch - When Coach says: "That long neck bitch hit me!"

Black - When Nick says: "Tits"

Dyzix - Hmm.."Axe me a question" -Rochelle

Q: "Do you have any other users on YouTube you enjoy watching?" from jrockpunk1

A: Mike - KassemG, AndyWarski, Philip DeFranco, ShayCarl, Nicepeter, twelthofadime, makemebad35, Julian Smith, Peter Chao, Tobuscus and Rucka Rucka Ali

Sw1tch - KassemG

Black - HopelessProd, Philip DeFranco

Dyzix - Oh man, I have tons. I have had my first YouTube account since 2006 and have been watching tons of people on YouTube. But if I had to pick a top few that I love watching right now it would have to be: Sxephil, HuskyStarcraft and HDstarcraft.

Q: "What is your favorite video game?" from crazyman1905

A: Mike - Pong

Sw1tch - Modern Warfare 2

Black - At the moment it's Left 4 Dead 2.

Dyzix - Wow, this is a terribly hard question for any gamer to really answer. There are so many good games I know and love, but if I had to pick right now it's simply Starcraft 2. It is a great strategy game to play as well as a great strategy game to watch professional plays. It is really helping the Esports scene in North America with so many multiple tournaments. My favorite part about it is the fact that no matter what league you are in, the Esports professional scene is something everyone can watch and enjoy.

Thank you for your questions and we'll see you next week!

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