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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Contest + Update

Hey guys it's Mike!

To start I want to talk about the contest Vigil Gaming is holding to celebrate 500 subscribers. The four uploaders have not actually talked about the rules and regulations of it yet so we need to do that first and all agree with what the contest will be. When that happens, hopefully within the next day or 2, we will post an official video on the channel telling all you guys what it is.

As for the update part of this post, get ready for some reading, if you continue.

For starters, and this isn't official yet, we are looking for a Ventrilo server to further interact with you guys, our subscribers. At the moment we don't really want to have to buy another Vent server with a lot of slots so what we'll probably do, if we do this, is find a random Vent server that's empty and occupy it since there is a lot of those servers just lying around.

To go even further in our hopes to better communicate with you guys, we will be starting a Ask VigilGaming segment. What this will be is that one video a week will be posted (just a regular gameplay) but the title will have some sort of hashtag (i.e. #AskVG) at the end of it and that will mean that is the video you guys can post your questions for us on. You'll be able to post as many questions as long as they are all different. We would prefer if you guys do post questions that are general that the 4 of us can talk about not a uploader-specific question. We'll probably end up talking more about this on our contest video.

Now for the gameplay side of things starting with StarCraft 2. As you all know I am doing a single player walkthrough for the game. There is a total of 29 missions and I have done 10 of those. The only issue I'm having, which is the reason the videos aren't very consistent as of late, is that the longer videos keep getting the audio cut at around half way or three quarters in to it. That's very frustrating since not only is it just gameplay without any sort of audio but what's worse it that some of the cinematics are audioless which renders the video basically useless. But besides that, do expect some more multiplayer footage in the near future.

As for Counter-Strike Source I am trying to get another gameplay for you guys using an M3 on cs_office. That's a lot harder than I thought it would be. I actually had a gameplay ready to Fraps but I waited too long and an update broke all my demo's so I have to re-record all of it. Also for CSS, you can expect Dyzix's video from the poll sometime soon since his computer issues are over with and he has a new PC, which can run games at awesome quality. Also, for anyone wondering, there will probably be no new videos from the NEW CSS Beta that was released a few days ago simply because there's nothing there worth making a video about.

For Modern Warfare 2 we are still playing and posting videos on it. For those of you wondering why there hasn't been any request videos in a while from me, that's because I've just been really enjoying playing with the Intervention. Plus the request I'm working on required me to get 300 kills with a gun to unlock FMJ, but now that I have everything I need for the request I'll be trying to get it just as long as WeGame doesn't keep crashing on startup like it has been the last couple days. As for Sw1tch's videos, he couldn't post a Weird Setup Wednesday video this week because he was on vacation and had other things in relation to that to enjoy, but there should be a new video for next Wednesday. He will also be continuing to post his mini/night/montages as well as gamepaly videos with at least 2 people commentating since he likes to have someone to talk to while he commentates. Finally, if you're wondering, I have a total of 11 requests to get to while Sw1tch has a decent amount as well, so please be patient.

You've probably noticed new Alien Swarm videos aren't very frequent. The reason for that is just that I haven't been playing the game very much. As of this posting I am only missing a few levels with difficulties: Cargo Elevator on Insane, Deima Surface Bridge on Insane, SynTek Residential on Insane, Sewer Junction B5 on Insane and Timor Station on Hard or Insane. I don't know when or if I'll get all of them but only time will tell.

For Left 4 Dead 2 our main concern is just getting the Mutation videos out to you each week. As some of you know, we do still enjoy playing Realism Versus and we actually invite everyone who is online in the Steam group to play with us, so make sure you're in the group! We usually don't record every game we play which has actually turned out to be bad since we've had some great games, but maybe one day you guys will see another RV gameplay.

Half-Life is ALMOST done. I just need to post one more online gameplay video and then the game will be put on the Inactive list until people start requesting more. I have a gameplay video I just need to Fraps and then commentate but I haven't gotten around to it. The same goes for Opposing Force. I need 2 more gameplays for OpFor and at the moment I have one demo waiting to be Fraps'd. However, OpFor isn't a popular game and it's hard finding a server with people on it that I can get some gameplay with.

If you guys are waiting for some Call of Duty 4 gameplays then you won't have to wait very long since Sw1tch does have 1 or 2 videos he just needs to commentate and then post for you.

Finally, for those wondering if I will be doing a Half-Life 2 walkthrough after StarCraft 2 the answer is yes. However, if things keep going the way they are I'll probably be done SC2 by the time school starts and seeing as though I'm in my senior year I don't know how much time I'll have to do these videos, especially as the semester progresses. And just to clarify, even though I've said it multiple times, yes: I will do the Episode 1 & 2.

But I think that wraps it up for this long post. Thanks for reading if you have.

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