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Saturday, August 21, 2010

New L4D DLC & Portal 2 Thoughts

For those of you that weren't able to catch GameTrailers TV last night or are just out of the loop, Valve announced a new DLC for Left 4 Dead, the comic, the future of L4D DLC's and Portal 2.

Let's start off with The Sacrifice which is the title of the new L4D DLC which does not have a release date as of yet. The Sacrifice will follow the L4D1 survivors as the story is told of how Bill truly dies. Now what I found interesting was that the guy from Valve talking about it said that there is 2 things that could happen and it's up to the players to decide. I really like that idea. I believe it's just how Bill dies, not whether or not he lives or dies. The other thing he said that caught me totally off guard was that The Sacrifice will also come out for L4D2. Saying that Valve doesn't want players to have to buy the original to find out Bill's fate they will let owners of L4D2 to play the L4D1 DLC on L4D2. I don't know how I feel about that. I'm kind of disappointed but at the same time I feel it's something new, so whatever.
The Valve rep also mentioned that L4D2 will obtain a new but old campaign, everyone's favourite, No Mercy. No Mercy is a campaign from the original L4D that everyone loved so they are putting it in L4D2. I've always thought NM looked pretty cool so I'm excited to play it and hand out a L4D2 walkthrough for it.
Finally in terms of L4D, the rep was asked if this is the end of DLC's for the L4D franchise to which he replied no. That's what I found really neat is that the story will keep on going and more DLC's are planned to come out. He also said MAYBE to a new survivor being introduced (probably for L4D1).

Now to the Portal 2 side of things. They were showing off some gameplay as well as talking about the game. At the moment it has a release date of February 9, 2011 which is amazing since it was announced not too long ago and knowing Valve they usually announce a game then release it a decade later so hopefully they don't postpone it. There are 2 things that got me the most excited. The first was the co-op campaign. They will let you play with a friend through a new set of puzzles completely different from the single player version. Hearing that the co-op and single player will be 2 different campaigns was a nice relief and I am really excited to see what the co-op side of the game will offer. The other announcement made was the possibility of cross-platform co-op. I have always had this dream of like a 100 player server full of different people from different consoles just battling it out but I guess this will do. If this feature is in the game that will give, for example, a PC gamer the opportunity to play with their friend on PS3.

The final announcement that wasn't really interesting to me but some of you may like is that Steam is coming to the PS3. Nice.

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