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Monday, August 16, 2010

Bow Chicka Bow Wow

Hey guys it's Mike!

What's up with the title, you ask? Why do you care? Is it relevant? No. Now stop with your questions and let me talk will you? I'm sorry, it's late at night, I'm tired (but not really)...I said some things I shouldn't have said. But anyway.......

I just wanted to talk about my rape night in MW2 just now. I don't know what the hell was going on but I sure hope it's permanent. I was wrecking stuff up in the game! I managed to finish 2 request videos in under an hour, and the one request was a one shot (meaning I only played one game to get it)! I was working on a third request but I need to unlock Thermal on the primary so I was just playing some TDM and I was STILL wrecking stuff up! I almost got a Nuke so many times tonight, it was redicupiss. If this keeps up we should have a Nuke video very soon, and I should be done all your requests within a week. But, we all know it was probably just "one of those nights". :(

Anyway, Dyzix suggested that Black & I do a Best of 3 series in StarCraft 2 for you guys as he commentates it live. We were going to do it today but we played some other games so we might start it tomorrow, but really, who knows? Also, I think the loser of the series should have to face Dyzix as a punishment for losing. That should give at least myself enough initiative to win! Also, I'd like to post a Practice League 1v1 I had that was pretty cool as well as a Practice League 2v2 I did with a friend of mine that was actually very good. The only reason I want to post the PL stuff is to show you guys what SC2 is like from a new-comers perspective; one who didn't play SC1 very much, one who didn't play the Beta and one who is still learning SC2. I really believe there's not enough of these kinds of videos out there that are good and people go buy the game expecting it to be a cake walk and end up disappointed *cough* Bad Company 2 *cough*

Also, the 4 of us are planning to do a Vent recording for the new L4D2 Mutation since it's absolutely terrible. We're hoping that by doing this you guys can get somewhat of a pleasant experience out of the Mutation since Vent recordings are always fun. And speaking of L4D2, I recorded an amazing Realism Versus game today with Black and Sw1tch that I'll post sometime between tomorrow and the end of the year. The guys tried trollololing us at one point but we pooped on them.

Anyhoozle, hope you guys are having a good time wherever you are and whatever you're doing. Thanks for reading and good byyee!

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