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Friday, August 27, 2010

Ask Vigil Gaming Week #2

This week we got 1 question. Sigh, we were hoping this would be a good thing to communicate further with you guys but if this keeps up we may have to stop it all together. :(

Q: "How did VigilGaming get started? Like who came up with the idea, did you decide together that you wanted to do something like this, how did you decide on the games, etc." from disutansu

A: Vigil started pretty suddenly. Mike wanted to make a gaming channel for a while and then finally decided to put that wish in to action. He announced it over Vent to Sw1tch and Black and it was Sw1tch who suggested making a channel with him and both of them could post. So to answer the first question, Sw1tch is the person who had the idea of Vigil.

Prior to this Sw1tch had asked Mike to make a channel with him like this but Mike wasn't very interested in it for an unknown reason. It wasn't until he saw the major benefits in having more than one uploader that he thought it was a great idea when Sw1tch brought it up again.

We actually had 2 or so names prior to VigilGaming we were going to use but they were taken. It was Mike who threw "VigilGaming" out to Sw1tch and Black and thought it sounded awesome so he dictionaried what Vigil meant. After seeing that the definition was exactly what we wanted Sw1tch & Mike settled on the name while Black just agreed to everything.

When we started it was Sw1tch and Mike for about a day then we recruited Patar a day or 2 later when he told us he was going to start posting a Fear 2 walkthrough on his channel. Patar ended up leaving due to personal reasons but we're all still good friends and he can still be watched on the first half of the Portal walkthroughs. Around the same time we told Dyzix about the channel and told him a spot was always available for him to post and he accepted the offer. As for Black, he was technically an uploader from the start of Vigil but he's not too big on uploading stuff.

We never actually discussed what games we were going to post, it was more of a post-what-you-play type thing. So right away we knew we wanted to post Left 4 Dead 2, Counter-Strike Source & Modern Warfare 2 since those were the games we frequently played. After that it just sort of evolved in to checking our games Library and putting that stuff out. But we always had a sort of misison statement to deliver new games that were relevant above all else and we think we've stuck to that for the most part.

Thank you for your question. And remember guys, you can ask as many questions as long as they aren't uploader-specific questions on the video of ours with #AskVG at the beginning and end of the title of the video!

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