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Monday, July 19, 2010

400 Subs + Update

Hey guys it's Mike!

Today, July 19, 2010 Vigil Gaming hit 400 subscribers! This is just over 2 months after the channel was started and 18 days since we had 300 subscribers. Thank you to all of our subscribers and we hope to keep growing and putting out content for you all.

Right now I'm downloading Alien Swarm which was released for free on Steam today. I'm not a big fan of 3rd person shooters but it was made by Valve so it's definitely worth checking out. Sw1tch said he'd also get it with me so if he gets online we'll play together, otherwise I'm on my own. Now, seeing as this is a brand new game and there's people looking for gameplay Vigil Gaming will probably post some for you guys and anyone else looking for it. Whether or not we'll continue posting Alien Swarm videos depends on if the game is good or not.

Also, the level 10 walkthrough for Bad Company 2 will be up sometime today. It's a 3 part video. We're almost done with the game so we can move on from it.

Finally, I have the first Half-Life multiplayer video ready to be saved and uploaded and I'll hopefully do that sometime today or tomorrow. Then I'll be getting one more multiplayer video then putting Half-Life on the Inactive Games list for the time being until a fair amount of people request more videos.

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