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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Channel Modification & CONTEST

Hey guys it's Mike!

So I'll start off with some quick, uninteresting news. I've been looking at our channel page and editing it accordingly. I fixed up our description box where it says what we do. Also in there I changed what games we feature, definite future games, possible future games and also added a new Inactive Games part where I moved 3 games (Portal, CSS Beta, SC2 Beta). This new up to date gives everyone a clear understanding the direction Vigil Gaming is planning on going as well as lets you guys know what we no longer post videos for. Finally, I did some minor touch ups to make the box a little neater.

Now the contest. I'm not going to go in to much detail now but I will say that it will be a contest for when we hit 500 subscribers. As of this posting we stand at 322 so we need 178 more. Tell your friends and help us hit 500! The contest will call on your artistic talents. Make sure to stay posted to this blog as we near 500 subs for more information.

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