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Friday, July 23, 2010

New Mutation Friday + Update

Hey guys it's Mike!

It's Friday! That means a new Mutation comes out for Left 4 Dead 2 in about 4 hours called "Healthpackalypse". It's a Versus mode Mutation that takes out any and all health packs. This will be very fun to play as Infected while being a Survivor will require lots of teamwork and conservative playing. Our gameplay video for this Mutation will include both Infected & Survivor points of view. And we'll probably be playing on Dead Center.

Right now I'm sitting in Vent with Black, eating cereal and watching a new Shaytards vlog while a 2 part Opposing Force walkthrough saves for level 4. Once both parts are saved I'll begin uploading them while I save level 5 which is like a minute and a half. Once THAT's done I have level 6 to save which is about 8 minutes but I don't know if level 5 or 6 will be posted today.

I am also working on a new Counter-Strike Source gameplay for you guys. It's me using an M3 on cs_office. This was requested a while back so I thought I'd get it done. I think I have a decent amount of footage and will start Frapsing it eventually.

Finally, tonight I will try to get a new Alien Swarm video out. All the videos I have left have a lot of slow motion and stuff so the demo's will be all screwed up. I'll probably just go play some Hard mode with Fraps on and record while I play. I'll try to get a Hard mode Cargo Elevator out to you guys since that's a fun map. And speaking of Alien Swarm, I got my first Promotion yesterday and am currently level like 10. Promoting is so not worth is since you get nothing for it, not even an achievement so I don't think I'll be doing any more Promoting (which is like Prestiging). And also, I've started playing on Insane mode and it's really fun. Not as hard as I expected but definitely challenging. I demoed an Insane mode Landing Bay so you have that coming your way as well!

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