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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Hey guys it's Mike!

I forgot to mention this on Monday but I'm glad to announce that Vigil Gaming was the first channel on YouTube to upload a multiplayer gameplay video of Alien Swarm about 20 minutes before others did. We were also the first channel to give it to you in HD.
And before all of you PMS on me and say: "There's been a gameplay video up for so long!" you're technically right. But that isn't multiplayer, and it's 1:20 of like a montage gameplay video.
So in that respect, congratulations to Vigil Gaming for yet another YouTube first.

Also I'd like to quickly talk about the walkthroughs. Bad Company 2 will be finished tomorrow with only one video to upload first thing when I wake up. After that I think I'm going to start the Opposing Force walkthroughs starting with Training Room (Boot Camp). I've also decided that I don't really want to do a Modern Warfare walkthrough, at least not at the moment, so after OpFor and Blue Shift I'll probably dive straight in to Half-Life 2 which I calculated out to be 26 levels with the 2 episodes included. So hopefully I'll be able to upload more than one level a day....

One last thing is that I plan to release at least one Alien Swarm gameplay each day so you guys have that coming your way as well.

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