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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

StarCraft 2 & New Walkthrough

Hey guys it's Mike!

Tomorrow is the day you can expect Vigil Gaming to start uploading StarCraft 2 gameplay from the retail game as it just came out today, July 27. Dyzix already has it and is enjoying it while making some videos and Black will be getting it tomorrow and post some single player for you guys!

Also, the Opposing Force walkthrough is complete and it only took me 6 days to finish it all so that was nice. For the multiplayer I plan on doing the exact same thing as Half-Life: post 2 gameplays then put the game under Inactive until a fair amount of people request more. The next game I will be doing a walkthrough for is the final Half-Life expansion, Blue Shift, which only contains 6 levels so I plan to complete it within a few days. It does not have a multiplayer component so, obviously, I can't post any gameplays of it.

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