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Sunday, July 4, 2010

HL & BC2 Walkthroughs Coming!

Hey guys it's Mike!

Today I played some Half-Life and Bad Company 2 and filmed the next levels' walkthroughs. In Half-Life I played level 8, On A Rail, and am currently uploading and saving the videos. These are 3 parts. At the moment, Part 1 is uploading with 11 minutes left and Part 2 is saving with 70% left to go.

After the Half-Life walkthroughs I'll be posting the Bad Company 2 walkthroughs for level 4, Upriver. These are also 3 parts.

Finally, after all that I'll be posting a new 10 second Fail of the Day from Half-Life when I was trying to do the walkthrough and died and it was pretty funny the way I reacted to it.

I'm planning on playing these games a bit more often to finish them both off relatively quickly. I'm considering just playing through one game at a time starting with Half-Life since I'm now on level 9 out of 18 while in BC2 I'm on level 5 out of 13 and the Half-Life levels are easier and faster for the most part.

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