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Thursday, July 15, 2010

What's After Half-Life?

Hey guys it's Mike!

If you've been on YouTube today you've noticed that I've completed the Half-Life single player walkthrough. At the moment I plan to put out 2 multiplayer gameplays with commentary then stop posting HL videos unless a fair majority of people want more.

Tomorrow I jump right back in to walkthroughs with Bad Company 2 where I'll be uploading at least level 5, Crack The Sky which is 2 parts. Once I finish the BC2 walkthrough I may try and use WeGame to record some multiplayer footage of what BC2 REALLY is for people who just buy it, not that pro crap you see splattered on YouTube.

After BC2 I want to do a whole bunch of things at once but I can't. At the moment I think I'm going to do an Opposing Force walkthrough and then a Blue Shift walkthrough for Half-Life and post 2 multiplayers gameplays if they have any. After that I may do a walkthrough for COD4 followed by Modern Warfare 2. Then finally, I'll start the Half-Life 2 walkthroughs, which will include Episode 1 & 2, then post some multiplayer footage. That's my current plan, but it may change.

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